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Freight Forwarding
serviceFreight forwarding has been on the rise with expansion of global boundaries for businesses round the world. The mode of transport also plays a very vital role as it adds to the cost. Every business wants a cost – effective and minimal time consuming freight forwarding agent. Splash Shipping Services is one of the finest team of freight forwarders with years of experience and offers cost – effective servicing.
serviceShifting house and office can become a headache for many as the requirement of proper transportation of internal goods in damage free condition is to be looked upon. Cost effective servicing is what adds on for customers. Splash Shipping Services offers the cost effective transportation of goods and help people in shifting their needs. We offer cost effective services for customers.
serviceThe packaged goods need to pass through the formalities like clearing the customs papers for external movement. This process is very essential and is a must for movement of goods. Splash Shipping Services helps client with the requirements of packing & clearing with international standard services.
Packing & Moving
serviceThe process packing of household items takes intense care in order to prevent slightest of damage to goods is not wanted for. Appropriate kind of packing is very essential therefore and inappropriate packing can damage your goods. Also the next part is very essential when it comes to moving of the well packed goods to the client’s mentioned destination. Our team works it out in international level of professionalism for our clients.
Loading & Unloading
serviceLoading and unloading of packed goods for shifting should be done in a high end way. Inappropriate handling of packed goods during the entire process of loading and unloading can incur damage to them. We are having the best professional team that tends to swiftly complete the entire process of loading and unloading for clients.
Residential Shifting
serviceResidential shifting requires precision and high efficiency as it takes lot of pain to shift all the goods at a time. Damage is not an entity of acceptance when it comes to residential shifting. Our professional service providing helps keep the smiles on our client’s face.
Cargo Moving Services
serviceLarge containers or cargos is what requires swiftness and high end priority as dispatch in delay of the cargos/shipments can incur damage to the company availing the services. So we come to the picture for that reason and offer the best of services for our clients in a highly professional manner.